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Dear Visitor, many thanks for stopping by. Are you looking for someone who knows how to adapt your texts for a German readership? Please allow me to bring your texts to life in Germany.

About my work

I regularly translate, check and edit for international translation agencies (English-German) and, thus, for a wide range of leading companies in various fields. However, I also work for direct clients (small businesses in Germany) who engage me to do their translations (German-English), copywriting (German) and checking/editing/proofreading (German and English texts). Some projects require the use of CAT tools (computer-aided translation); I work with TRADOS Studio 2015 Freelance and XTM. As a blog editor I am familiar with Drupal and WordPress. I take deadlines seriously and am aware of how much I can take on to be able to deliver in time. And these are my specialities:

Transcreation = Translation + Creation

A professional translator juggles with words, but at the same time keeps the tone and accuracy of the source texts. I avoid word-for-word translations and make texts sound as if they had been written in the target language. My helping hands are synonyms, paraphrasing, idioms, context and syntax.

Internet Marketing: Translation with Website Optimisation for the German Market

If you want your translated website to be found by online searchers relevant terms or keywords need to be incorporated into your web pages. I can help you translate your web pages into German and make them both reader-friendly and search engine-friendly. I offer content creation, keyword localisation/research/optimisation, and meta tags creation/keywords.

Blog Editor: Blog Content Creation for the German Market

I specialise in writing quality blog content that is liked by people and search engines. It is important to continually add fresh content to a website to be found by search engines and to attract your readers. Blog posts are an efficient way to realise this. I can maintain your blog and Twitter feed that is relevant for your German audience on an ongoing basis. Of course, my blog posts are unique content.


Usually, I charge translations per word and proofreadings per hour. The end price for a translation is based on the number of words in your original (the source text). As my rates vary according to the project, I would be happy to send you a free quotation.


Please contact me via e-mail day and night as I hardly ever turn my computer off. Of course, you can also give me a call, but sometimes I turn off my phone to work undisturbed.

About me

I have been working as a full-time freelance translator and copywriter since the beginning of 2004. The years before, I had been an employed translator, interpreter, copywriter and proofreader in various businesses.

I am a native German speaker, a certified English-German/German-English translator and an author for non-fiction literature (six-semester-course of studies in Germany). I have extensive translation experience in various subject areas including advertising, marketing, public relations, business/commerce, non-fiction literature, lyrics, entertainment, tourism, non-profit issues, and others.

Furthermore, I am an experienced (copy-)writer and have written lots of articles, advertising copies, manuscripts (also as a ghostwriter) and poems on demand. And as I specialise in certain fields of internet marketing I can also give you a hand when it comes to website optimisation (content creation, keyword optimisation and blog content creation).


Member of Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V.

Marion Treche

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